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Since 1982, Artrider has produced nationally-acclaimed juried contemporary fine craft shows in the Northeast. Our innovative events maintain the highest standards and reflect an unwavering dedication to excellence. Each of our seven events, held in affluent communities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, are unique and feature their own mix of established and emerging American artists of the highest caliber. We demonstrate a longstanding commitment to sustaining the careers of thousands of independent American craftspeople and artists by bringing 75k+ loyal arts-conscious shoppers to our events every year.


We welcome you to apply and look forward to seeing your incoming application!

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2020 Events Applications

 Deadline passed. Original application deadline: October 1st, 2019.

Applications are currently being accepted for the wait lists for all 2020 events in all categories except:

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Artrider offers excellent venues, excellent organization, and consistently attracts a large, and diverse audience from NY, NJ, and CT.


Artrider is very well-organized, thorough, attentive and a pleasure to work with. They always bring in knowledgeable, interested customers.


The level of organization, ease of set up, kindness, generosity, talent and attitude of artists, staff and visitors is exemplary.


Your shows are a beautiful presentation of what hands, heart and soul can create with raw materials. Your team has it down pat.

Spring CraftMorristown: jewelry and specialties

Spring Crafts at Lyndhurst:  jewelry and specialties

CraftNewYork: specialties

Rhinebeck Crafts Festival: jewelry

Fall Crafts at Lyndhurst: jewelry

CraftWestport: jewelry and specialties

Holiday CraftMorristown: jewelry and specialties

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