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CraftBrooklyn - December 4, 5, 6, 2015


Find extraordinary one-of-a-kind gifts and inspiring modern works by 100 of America’s finest independent makers


Our newest show will feature 100 exhibitors at a fantastic venue, the Brooklyn Expo Center, home to many of Brooklyn’s hottest arts events. Greenpoint is trending as “the place to be” for the creative community and has become a hub for talented artists and makers.


We are excited to bring our brand of authentic art events highlighting the best in modern American craftsmanship and design to Brooklyn during the height of the holiday gift buying season.


Friday night preview party! Get "first dibs" on the best of the best while sipping some beverages from

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company and dancing along to DJ Supertouch.


Special Interactive Art Project! The Brooklyn Collage Collective will host a "live collage event" throughout the show. The collaborative piece will be raffled off after the show with all proceeds benefiting CERF+.

The 'Art of Craft' comes to Brooklyn


Friday Preview, Dec 4 from 4 pm to 8 pm
Saturday, Dec 5 from 10 am to 7 pm

Sunday, Dec 6 from 11 am to 5 pm

Admission Fees

Weekend Pass $10

Seniors (62 and up) $9

Children 16 and under free





72 Noble Street

Brooklyn, NY 11222

No Pets/No Food Service


How to Get to the Show:    Get Directions Here



5 minute walk from Greenpoint Ave stop (G train)

20 minute walk from Bedford Ave stop (L train)

You can transfer from the L train to the G train at the Lorimer Station




20-30 minute ride from

Midtown Manhattan




0 minute walk from B32

3 minute walk from B24



East River Ferry:

9 minute walk from

India Street terminal


Exhibitor List

Alphabetical List of Exhibitors



Michael Alexander - Jewelry

Maggy Ames - Clay



Sandra Baquero - Wearable Fiber

Robin Bergman - Wearable Fiber

Barbara Berkowitz - Mixed Media

Tregea Bevan - Wearable Fiber

Lauren Blais - Jewelry

Daniela Boari - Jewelry

Jennifer Born - Mixed Media

Pamela Bracci - Wearable Fiber

Fred Brandes - Wood

Marguerite Brennan - Clay

Megan Brogden - Wearable Fiber

Brooklyn Collage Collective

Valerie Bunnell - Mixed Media

Shauna Blythe Burke - Jewelry



Eva Camacho-Sanchez - Wearable Fiber

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company

Theresa Carson - Jewelry

Loren Celedonia - Jewelry

Michelle Champitto - Glass

Renee Chase - Clay

Catherine Coloney - Wearable Fiber

Marianne Connors - Wearable Fiber

Louise Fischer Cozzi - Jewelry



Nellie Rose Davis - Wearable Fiber

Fiona Dejardin - Jewelry

DJ Supertouch

Devta Doolan - Jewelry

Dorset Maple Reserve - Gourmet Specialty

Dutch Desserts - Gourmet Specialty



Jenn Ecker - Wearable Fiber

Lioubov Ermolova - Wearable Fiber



Jean Ferlesch - Non-Wearable Fiber

Amalia Flaisher - Glass

David Frank - Photography

Raul Frisneda - Jewelry



Pratibha Garewal - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Elizabeth Garvin - Jewelry

Paula Gaynor - Leather

Anakarina Gende - Mixed Media



Julie Hammet-Cone - Jewelry

Don Hart - Wood

Alexandra Heine - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Carol Heisler - Non-Wearable Fiber

R. Nemo Hill - Wearable Fiber

Hillrock Estate Distillery - Gourmet Specialty

David Hohmann - Wood/Photography

Robert Alan Hyde - Metal



ImmuneSchein - Gourmet Specialty

Catherine Iskiw - Jewelry



JD Gourmet - Gourmet Specialty

Nancy Jemio - Wearable Fiber



Selma Karaca - Wearable Fiber

Ewa Kielczewska - Leather

Ahrong Kim - Clay

Oliver Kita Chocolates - Gourmet Specialty

Diana Koziupa - Mixed Media



Lakonia Greek Products - Gourmet Specialty

Michal Lando - Jewelry

Thomas Laraia - Jewelry

Stephen LeBlanc - Jewelry

David Leidy - Mixed Media

Nick Leonoff - Glass

Keith Lewis - Jewelry

Wendy Lin - Jewelry

Craig Lohsen - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Javier Lopez-Rotella - Photography

Iona Loyola - Wearable Fiber



Vilma Mare - Wearable Fiber

Loren Maron - Clay

Linda May - Jewelry

Amy Meltzer - Wearable Fiber

Michael Vincent Michaud - Jewelry

Hideaki Miyamura - Clay

Mother Myrick's Confectionery - Gourmet Specialty

Rebecca Myers - Jewelry



Kathryn Nidy - Mixed Media

Lauren Nogrady - Jewelry



Susan Obrant - Wearable Fiber

Lora Oracheva - Wearable Fiber

Nancy Osborne - Leather



Gina Pannorfi - Wearable Fiber

Eugene Perry - Metal

Platte Clove Naturals - Gourmet Specialty

Joyce Pommer - Mixed Media



Really Good Fruit Spreads - Gourmet Specialty

Kristian Rickert - Photography

Emily Rosenfeld - Jewelry



Kest Schwartzman - Metal

Kathleen Scranton - Mixed Media

Chris Seeman - Metal

Linda Senechal - Wearable Fiber

Yvoni Sobota - Painting

Lisa Strauss - Leather

Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont - Gourmet Specialty

Surprenant's Berry Farm - Gourmet Specialty

Syma - Clay



Brian Toohey - Leather

Andrea Trzaskos - Clay




Ashley Vick - Jewelry



Whipped Up/Unbakeables - Gourmet Specialty

Alan Winick - Mixed Media



Ming Yuen-Schat - Clay






Exhibitor List by Category



Maggy Ames

Marguerite Brennan

Renee Chase

Ahrong Kim

Loren Maron

Hideaki Miyamura

Andrea Trzaskos

Ming Yuen-Schat




Michelle Champitto

Amalia Flaisher

Nick Leonoff



Michael Alexander

Lauren Blais

Daniela Boari

Shauna Blythe Burke

Theresa Carson

Loren Celedonia

Louise Fischer Cozzi

Fiona Dejardin

Devta Doolan

Raul Frisneda

Elizabeth Garvin

Julie Hammet-Cone

Catherine Iskiw

Michal Lando

Thomas Laraia

Stephen LeBlanc

Keith Lewis

Wendy Lin

Linda May

Michael Vincent Michaud

Rebecca Myers

Lauren Nogrady

Emily Rosenfeld

Ashley Vick



Paula Gaynor

Ewa Kielczewska

Nancy Osborne

Lisa Strauss

Brian Toohey



Robert Alan Hyde

Eugene Perry

Kest Schwartzman

Chris Seeman



Barbara Berkowitz

Jennifer Born

Brooklyn Collage Collective

Valerie Bunnell

Anakarina Gende

Diana Koziupa

David Leidy

Kathryn Nidy

Joyce Pommer

Kathleen Scranton

Alan Winick



Jean Ferlesch

Carol Heisler



Pratibha Garewal

Alexandra Heine

Craig Lohsen

Yvoni Sobota



David Frank

David Hohmann

Javier Lopez-Rotella

Kristian Rickert



Sandra Baquero

Robin Bergman

Tregea Bevan

Pamela Bracci

Megan Brogden

Eva Camacho-Sanchez

Catherine Coloney

Marianne Connors

Nellie Rose Davis

Jenn Ecker

Lioubov Ermolova

R. Nemo Hill

Nancy Jemio

Selma Karaca

Iona Loyola

Vilma Mare

Amy Meltzer

Susan Obrant

Lora Oracheva

Gina Pannorfi

Linda Senechal



Fred Brandes

Don Hart

David Hohmann


Captain Lawrence Brewing Company
DJ Supertouch

Dorset Maple Reserve
Dutch Desserts
Hillrock Estate Distillery
JD Gourmet
Oliver Kita Chocolates
Lakonia Greek Products
Mother Myrick's Confectionery
Platte Clove Naturals
Really Good Fruit Spreads
Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont
Surprenant's Berry Farm
Whipped Up/Unbakeables