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CraftWestport - November 7 & 8, 2015

Celebrating 40 Years!

CraftWestport is the longest running indoor fine craft event in Connecticut. For 40 years, this show has been the perfect venue for unique one-of-a-kind, holiday shopping. It features 175 top craft artists from across the country and includes a pop-up Marketplace of local Connecticut makers. CraftWestport has been run by the enthusiastic and hardworking volunteers of Westport Young Woman’s League since 1976 and the funds raised by the League are given to worthy local charitable organizations.


Saturday, November 7 from 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday, November 8 from 10 am to 5 pm

Admission Fees  cash only

Weekend Pass $10

Seniors (62 and up) $9

Children 12-18 $5

Children under 12 free




70 North Avenue

Westport, CT 06880

Free Parking/No Pets

Travel Directions

Pop Up Marketplace
Be surprised by an array of talented, local Connecticut makers.

Indulge in Gourmet Specialy Foods
Satisfy your sweet tooth and find some delicious gifts for the gourmet food lover on your gift list.

Make Your Own Shibumi Scarf
Patrica Disantis will be offering visitors the opportunity to get hands on and create their very own hand-painted silk scarf!

Exhibitor List

Alphabetical List of Exhibitors



Liza Abelson - Glass

Michael Alexander - Jewelry

Carole Amper - Wearable Fiber

Mary Angus - Glass



Laurie Baird - Non-Wearable Fiber

Sandra Baquero - Wearable Fiber

Connie Bates - Leather

Bella's Home-Baked Goods - Gourmet Food

Camille Benjamin - Wearable Fiber

Ricky Bernstein - Jewelry

Harry Besett - Glass

Chelsea Bird - Jewelry

Bittersweet Herb Farm - Gourmet Food

Lauren Blais - Jewelry

Pete Blose - Wood

Deborah Bohren - Photography

Whitmore Boogaerts - Metal

Megan Brogden - Wearable Fiber

Merrie Buchsbaum - Mixed Media

Caitlin Burch - Glass/Jewelry



Susan Carey - Jewelry

R. Michael Carr - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Winnie Chai - Jewelry

Galina Chehirian - Glass

Caroline Christie - Photography

Cynthia Chuang - Jewelry

Marianne Connors - Wearable Fiber

Ron Copeland - Mixed Media

Valerie Coulson - Jewelry

Victoria Cox Barnett - Non-Wearable Fiber



Mary-Alice Dalton - Wearable Fiber

Dana & David - Jewelry

Joseph De Robertis - Metal

Nicole Deponte - Wearable Fiber

Patricia Disantis - Wearable Fiber

Charles Donofrio - Leather

John Duryea - Wood

Dutch Desserts, Inc - Gourmet Food



Jean Elton - Clay

Mischa Epstein - Mixed Media

Lioubov Ermolova - Wearable Fiber



Sylvie Farrington - Wearable Fiber

Dan Fergusson - Clay

Marsha Fleisher - Wearable Fiber

David Frank - Photography

Cyndi Freeman - Photography

Ken Freeman - Wood

Raul Frisneda - Jewelry

Ira Frost - Wood



George Gabriel - Metal

Andrea Garr - Jewelry

Paula Gaynor - Leather

Anakarina Gende - Mixed Media

Arza Gilad - Leather

Julie Girardini - Metal

Laurie Goddard - Mixed Media

Anastassia Gonye - Wearable Fiber

Grandpa Pete! Gourmet Sauce - Gourmet Food

Kara Greenblott - Wearable Fiber

Hilary Greif - Jewelry



Julie Hammet-Cone - Jewelry

Don Hart - Wood

Kirsten Hausman - Mixed Media

Anne Havel - Jewelry

Tom Hayward - Leather

Doug Hockman - Photography

David Hohmann - Wood/Photography

Jeffrey Homan - Wood

Robert Alan Hyde - Metal



Hanan Ingel - Jewelry

JD Gourmet - Gourmet Food

Peter Jones - Clay

Jungwhon Joo - Jewelry



Keifers Kettle Korn - Gourmet Food

Heather Kidson - Wearable Fiber

Ahrong Kim - Clay

Caryn King - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Oliver Kita Chocolates - Gourmet Food

Steven Kolodny - Jewelry

Diana Koziupa - Mixed Media



Ira Lances - Wearable Fiber

Thomas Laraia - Jewelry

Jamie Lausier - Mixed Media

Stephen LeBlanc - Jewelry

David Leidy - Mixed Media

Wendy Lin - Jewelry

Kathy Litchfield - Wearable Fiber

Susan Lowenthal - Glass



Sonya Mackintosh - Wearable Fiber

Andre Maiwald - Wood

Iris Mansard - Wearable Fiber

Vilma Mare - Wearable Fiber

Loren Maron - Clay

Kiara Matos - Clay

Donna McGee - Clay

Justin Mckenney - Clay

Robin McLaughlin - Jewelry

Merriweather's - Soaps & Lotions

Danielle Merzatta - Jewelry

Richard Messina - Jewelry

Fran Michaels - Leather

Debra Miller-D'Errico - Wearable Fiber

Mother Myrick's Confectionery - Gourmet Food

Teresa Mowery - Metal

Anna Murfin - Clay



William Nardin - Wood

Nectar of the Vine - Gourmet Food

Dinh Nguyen - Non-Wearable Fiber

Kathryn Nidy - Mixed Media



Laurie Olefson - Mixed Media

Kate O'Rourke - Wearable Fiber

Mary O'Shea - Wearable Fiber



Stelios Paraskevas - Jewelry

Vadim Pavliouk - Glass

Eugene Perry - Metal

James Perry - Leather

Ursula Perry-Scheffel - Metal

Margo Petitti - Wearable Fiber

Maryanne Petrus-Gilbert - Wearable Fiber

Jake Pfeifer - Glass

Charlie Pfitzer - Clay

Soli Pierce - Wood

Jack Pine - Glass

Platte Clove Naturals - Gourmet Food

Dahlia Popovits - Wearable Fiber

Ernest Porcelli - Glass

Prima Dolce/Bella's Berries - Gourmet Food

Lynn Pullman - Wearable Fiber



Daniel Read - Glass

Lesley Reich - Clay

Marcia Reiver - Clay

Daniel Riccio - Metal

Tami Rodrig - Jewelry

Sally Rothchild - Clay

Elizabeth Rubidge - Wearable Fiber

Agustin Ruiz - Wearable Fiber



Suzanne Schwartz - Jewelry

Kest Schwartzman - Metal

Kathleen Scranton - Mixed Media

Cara Shaw - Leather

Angela Shope - Clay

Eric Silva - Jewelry

Jonathan Simons - Wood

Evelyn Snyder - Clay

Bob Stern - Mixed Media

Lisa Strauss - Leather

Kate Strong - Wearable Fiber

Surprenant's Berry Farm - Gourmet Food



James Takaki - Metal

Mary Thomson - Jewelry

Leanne Tremblay - Non-Wearable Fiber

Andrea Trzaskos - Clay

Jeff Tseng - Glass

John Tunney - Photography



Michael Updike - Mixed Media



Victoria Varga - Jewelry

Ashley Vick - Jewelry

Warren Vienneau - Wood



Cindy Walsh - Wearable Fiber

Kristen Walsh - Non-Wearable Fiber

Heather Wang - Jewelry

Marilyn Webster - Non-Wearable Fiber

Whipped Up/Unbakeables - Gourmet Food

Steve White - Glass

Adrienne Wiegmann - Jewelry

Johnny Williams - Wood

Alan Winick - Mixed Media

Michael Wolski - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Margaret Wozniak - Clay

Ping Wu - Wearable Fiber



Rina Young - Jewelry



Zali Kahlil Zalkind - Mixed Media

Erica Zap - Jewelry

Rebecca Zhukov - Glass




Exhibitor List by Category



Jean Elton

Dan Fergusson

Peter Jones

Ahrong Kim

Loren Maron

Kiara Matos

Donna McGee

Justin Mckenney

Anna Murfin

Charlie Pfitzer

Lesley Reich

Marcia Reiver

Sally Rothchild

Angela Shope

Evelyn Snyder

Andrea Trzaskos

Margaret Wozniak



Liza Abelson

Mary Angus

Harry Besett

Caitlin Burch

Galina Chehirian

Susan Lowenthal

Vadim Pavliouk

Jake Pfeifer

Jack Pine

Ernest Porcelli

Daniel Read

Jeff Tseng

Steve White

Rebecca Zhukov



Michael Alexander

Ricky Bernstein

Chelsea Bird

Lauren Blais

Caitlin Burch

Susan Carey

Winnie Chai

Cynthia Chuang

Valerie Coulson

Dana & David

Raul Frisneda

Andrea Garr

Hilary Greif

Julie Hammet-Cone

Anne Havel

Hanan Ingel

Jungwhon Joo

Steven Kolodny

Thomas Laraia

Stephen LeBlanc

Wendy Lin

Robin McLaughlin

Danielle Merzatta

Richard Messina

Stelios Paraskevas

Tami Rodrig

Suzanne Schwartz

Eric Silva

Mary Thomson

Victoria Varga

Ashley Vick

Heather Wang

Adrienne Wiegmann

Rina Young

Erica Zap



Connie Bates

Charles Donofrio

Paula Gaynor

Arza Gilad

Tom Hayward

Fran Michaels

James Perry

Cara Shaw

Lisa Strauss



Whitmore Boogaerts

Joseph De Robertis

George Gabriel

Julie Girardini

Robert Alan Hyde

Teresa Mowery

Eugene Perry

Ursula Perry-Scheffel

Daniel Riccio

Kest Schwartzman

James Takaki



Merrie Buchsbaum

Ron Copeland

Mischa Epstein

Anakarina Gende

Laurie Goddard

Kirsten Hausman

Diana Koziupa

Jamie Lausier

David Leidy

Kathryn Nidy

Laurie Olefson

Kathleen Scranton

Bob Stern

Michael Updike

Alan Winick

Zali Kahlil Zalkind



Laurie Baird

Victoria Cox Barnett

Dinh Nguyen

Margo Petitti

Leanne Tremblay

Kristen Walsh

Marilyn Webster



R. Michael Carr

Caryn King

Michael Wolski



Deborah Bohren

Caroline Christie

David Frank

Cyndi Freeman

Doug Hockman

David Hohmann

John Tunney



Carole Amper

Sandra Baquero

Camille Benjamin

Megan Brogden

Marianne Connors

Mary-Alice Dalton

Nicole Deponte

Patricia Disantis

Lioubov Ermolova

Sylvie Farrington

Marsha Fleisher

Anastassia Gonye

Kara Greenblott

Heather Kidson

Ira Lances

Kathy Litchfield

Sonya Mackintosh

Iris Mansard

Vilma Mare

Debra Miller-D'Errico

Kate O'Rourke

Mary O'Shea

Margo Petitti

Maryanne Petrus-Gilbert

Dahlia Popovits

Lynn Pullman

Elizabeth Rubidge

Agustin Ruiz

Kate Strong

Cindy Walsh

Ping Wu



Pete Blose

John Duryea

Ken Freeman

Ira Frost

Don Hart

David Hohmann

Jeffrey Homan

Andre Maiwald

William Nardin

Soli Pierce

Jonathan Simons

Warren Vienneau

Johnny Williams



Bella's Home-Baked Goods

Bittersweet Herb Farm

Dutch Desserts, Inc

Grandpa Pete! Gourmet Sauce

JD Gourmet

Keifers Kettle Korn


Mother Myrick's Confectionery

Nectar of the Vine

Oliver Kita Chocolates

Platte Clove Naturals

Prima Dolce/Bella's Berries

Surprenant's Berry Farm

Whipped Up/Unbakeables