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Gourmet Food, Beverage & Specialty Applicants

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The original deadline was  October 1, 2019.

Applications are currently only being accepted for the wait lists for some 2020 events.

The Rhinebeck Crafts Festival and Fall Crafts at Lyndhurst are the only events that are accepting applications for the waiting lists in the gourmet specialties category.

All other events are closed to the gourmet specialties category (including waiting lists)


Rhinebeck Crafts Festival: June 27-28, 2020

Fall Crafts at Lyndhurst: Sept 11-13, 2020

There is only ONE application fee per year regardless of how many shows you apply to.


​Important Note: Applications must be submitted online through and a computer is required.

2020 Events Application:

I was extremely impressed how well organized the whole show was! Information was excellent and help at the show was wonderful.

Artrider does a good job of providing support and bringing in the buyers.

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