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Holiday CraftMorristown - December 11, 12, 13, 2015

Holiday CraftMorristown is celebrating its 25th anniversary at the Morristown National Guard Armory. Shoppers flock to this final show of the year to discover the most distinctive one-of-a-kind holiday gifts. Savvy shoppers have the chance to wow their loved ones with gifts they will never forget. In addition are various demonstrations and a gourmet specialty food boutique.


Friday, December 11 from 4 pm to 8 pm

Saturday, December 12 from 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday, December 13 from 11 am to 5 pm

Admission Fees cash or check only

Admission is $9

Seniors (62 and up) $8

Children are free




430 Western Avenue

Morristown, NJ 07960

Free Parking/No Pets

Make Your Own Shibumi Scarf
Patrica Disantis will be offering visitors the opportunity to create their very own hand-painted silk scarf!

Potters' Guild of New Jersey Demo
Several artists from the Potters' Guild of New Jersey will be displaying their work and demonstrating how it's made!

Custom Turned Wooden Pen Demo
Don Hart will be demoing his wood turning abilities and making pens all weekend long.

Exhibitor List

Alphabetical List of Exhibitors



Debra Abrams - Jewelry

Michael Alexander - Jewelry

Jodie Aragona - Jewelry

Angelia Armstrong - Wearable Fiber



Jerilynn Babroff - Clay

Sara Baker - Clay

Susana Barbetti - Norton - Clay

Connie Bates - Leather

Bella's Home-Baked Goods - Gourmet Food

Camille Benjamin - Wearable Fiber

Devaney Bennett - Jewelry

Jerry Bennett - Clay

Berkshire Sweet Gold Maple & Marine - Gourmet Food

Michele Berman - Jewelry

Bittersweet Herb Farm - Gourmet Food

Lauren Blais - Jewelry

Ricky Boscarino - Jewelry/Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Ann Brauer - Non-Wearable Fiber

Marcel A. Breault - Jewelry

Marguerite Brennan - Clay

Megan Brogden - Wearable Fiber

Merrie Buchsbaum - Mixed Media

Valerie Bunnell - Mixed Media



Lucinda Calahan - Jewelry

Karen Caldwell - Glass

Susan Carey - Jewelry

Justin Cavagnaro - Glass

Winnie Chai - Jewelry

Galina Chehirian - Glass

Michelle Champitto - Glass

Michael Chatterley - Clay

Adel Chefridi - Jewelry

Dwo Wen Chen - Clay

Emilie Cohen - Jewelry



Dana & David - Jewelry

Beth DiCara - Clay

Patricia Disantis - Wearable Fiber

Charles Donofrio - Leather

Rusty Dorr - Leather

Dutch Desserts - Gourmet Food



Jenn Ecker - Wearable Fiber



Richard Feier - Wood

Amalia Flaisher - Glass

Jenn Forster - Metal

Cyndi Freeman - Photography

Ken Freeman - Wood

Raul Frisneda - Jewelry



Linda Garrabrandt - Clay

Paula Gaynor - Leather

Anakarina Gende - Mixed Media

Hollie Graze - Mixed Media

Kara Greenblott - Wearable Fiber

Hilary Greif - Jewelry

Cate Gundlah - Glass



Julie Hammet-Cone - Jewelry

Peter Handler - Furniture

Don Hart - Wood

Lee Hazelgrove - Clay

Carol Heisler - Non-Wearable Fiber

Michael Heon - Wood

R. Nemo Hill - Wearable Fiber

David Hohmann - Photography

David Hohmann - Wood

Robert Alan Hyde - Metal



Joyce Inderbitzin - Clay



Leslie Jacobsen - Clay

Bonnie Jaffe - Clay

Kathy Jeffers - Clay

Nancy Jemio - Wearable Fiber



Basia Kaminski - Wearable Fiber

Selinda Kennedy - Clay

Ahrong Kim - Clay

Ron King - Wearable Fiber/Non-Wearable Fiber

Janice Kissinger - Wearable Fiber

Oliver Kita Chocolates - Gourmet Food

Diana Koziupa - Mixed Media



Gigi Laberge - Glass

Thomas Laraia - Jewelry

Stephen LeBlanc - Jewelry

David Leidy - Mixed Media

Margaret Lent - Wearable Fiber

Jan Lichtenstein - Wearable Fiber

Wendy Lin - Jewelry

Kathy Litchfield - Wearable Fiber

Smadar Livne - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Antonio Loria - Furniture

Iona Loyola - Wearable Fiber

Susan Lowenthal - Glass



Christine Mackellar - Jewelry

Andre Maiwald - Wood

Vilma Mare - Wearable Fiber

Scott Matyjaszek - Photography

Donna McGee - Clay

Justin Mckenney - Clay

Robin McLaughlin - Jewelry

Andres Medina - Leather

Jeanne Melillo - Non-Wearable Fiber

Merriweather's - Soaps & Lotions

Danielle Merzatta - Jewelry

Jolanta Michalska - Wearable Fiber

Mary-Lynne Moffatt - Mixed Media

Alexandra Molner - Leather

Seymour Mondshein - Leather

Dena Moses - Wearable Fiber

Mostly Myrtle's/ Nanny's Cookies - Gourmet Food

Jeannette Mullarkey - Jewelry

Mireille Munnelly - Mixed Media

Rebecca Myers - Jewelry



Jeffrey Nelson - Wood

Terry Nelson - Clay

Kathryn Nidy - Mixed Media

Rebecca Noble-Morales - Wearable Fiber

Lauren Nogrady - Jewelry



Laurie Olefson - Mixed Media

Lora Oracheva - Wearable Fiber

Kate O'Rourke - Wearable Fiber



Marie Pace - Wearable Fiber

Gina Pannorfi - Wearable Fiber

Jennifer Park - Jewelry

Chris Parris - Clay

Lauren Passenti - Jewelry

Bruce Perlmutter - Wood

Eugene Perry - Metal

Ronnee Peters - Glass

Maryanne Petrus-Gilbert - Wearable Fiber

Jake Pfeifer - Glass

Potters' Guild of New Jersey - Clay

Daniel Pratt - Glass



Lewis Rafel - Leather

Richard Robinson - Wood

Gregory Roche - Leather

Sharon Rosenthal - Jewelry

Sally Rothchild - Clay

Agustin Ruiz - Wearable Fiber

Alisa Ryan - Non-Wearable Fiber



Sue Sachs - Jewelry

Frank Saliani - Clay

Robin Schkrutz - Clay

Suzanne Schwartz - Jewelry

Linda Senechal - Wearable Fiber

Cara Shaw - Leather

Angela Shope - Clay

Jonathan Simons - Wood

Bill Snyder - Photography

Josh Solomon - Glass

Jim Somers - Photography

Heather Stief - Jewelry

Lisa Strauss - Leather

Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont - Gourmet Food

Surprenant's Berry Farm - Gourmet Food

Peter Syak - Clay



James Takaki - Metal

The Nut Lady, LLC - Gourmet Food

Mary Thomson - Jewelry

Toshiki & Maryszka - Leather

Heather Tourville - Clay

Leanne Tremblay - Non-Wearable Fiber

Mia Tyson - Wearable Fiber



Anna Upston - Non-Wearable Fiber



Ashley Vick - Jewelry



Rochelle Weber - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Susan Wechsler - Clay

Steve White - Glass

Bill Wickey - Clay

Adrienne Wiegmann - Jewelry

Natalie Wilkinson - Wearable Fiber

Agnieszka Winograd - Jewelry

Michael Wolski - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

E. Douglas Wunder - Jewelry



Verne Jidong Yan - Non-Wearable Fiber

Tricia Young - Jewelry



Erica Zap - Jewelry

Simon Zeng - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking





Exhibitor List by Category



Jerilynn Babroff

Sara Baker

Susan Barbetti-Norton

Jerry Bennett

Marguerite Brennan

Michael Chatterley

Dwo Wen Chen

Peggy Davo

Beth DiCara

Linda Garrabrandt

Lee Hazelgrove

Joyce Inderbitzin

Leslie Jacobsen

Bonnie Jaffe

Kathy Jeffers

Selinda Kennedy

Ahrong Kim

Donna McGee

Justin Mckenney

Terry Nelson

Chris Parris

Sally Rothchild

Frank Saliani

Robin Schkrutz

Angela Shope

Peter Syak

Heather Tourville

Susan Wechsler

Bill Wickey



Peter Handler

Antonio Loria



Karen Caldwell

Justin Cavagnaro

Michelle Champitto

Galina Chehirian

Amalia Flaisher

Cate Gundlah

Gigi Laberge

Susan Lowenthal

Ronnee Peters

Jake Pfeifer

Daniel Pratt

Josh Solomon

Steve White



Debra Abrams

Michael Alexander

Jodie Aragona

Devaney Bennett

Michele Berman

Lauren Blais

Ricky Boscarino

Marcel A. Breault

Lucinda Calahan

Susan Carey

Winnie Chai

Adel Chefridi

Emilie Cohen

Dana & David

Raul Frisneda

Hilary Greif

Julie Hammet-Cone

Thomas Laraia

Stephen LeBlanc

Wendy Lin

Christine Mackellar

Robin McLaughlin

Danielle Merzatta

Jeannette Mullarkey

Rebecca Myers

Lauren Nogrady

Jennifer Park

Lauren Passenti

Sharon Rosenthal

Sue Sachs

Suzanne Schwartz

Heather Stief

Mary Thomson

Ashley Vick

Adrienne Wiegmann

Agnieszka Winograd

E. Douglas Wunder

Tricia Young

Erica Zap



Connie Bates

Charles Donofrio

Rusty Dorr

Paula Gaynor

Andres Medina

Alexandra Molner

Seymour Mondshein

Lewis Rafel

Gregory Roche

Cara Shaw

Lisa Strauss

Toshiki & Maryszka



Jenn Forster

Robert Alan Hyde

Eugene Perry

James Takaki



Merrie Buchsbaum

Valerie Bunnell

Anakarina Gende

Hollie Graze

Diana Koziupa

David Leidy

Mary-Lynne Moffatt

Mireille Munnelly

Kathryn Nidy

Laurie Olefson



Ann Brauer

Carol Heisler

Jeanne Melillo

Alisa Ryan

Leanne Tremblay

Anna Upston

Verne Jidong Yan



Ricky Boscarino

Smadar Livne

Rochelle Weber

Michael Wolski

Simon Zeng



Cyndi Freeman

David Hohmann

Scott Matyjaszek

Bill Snyder

Jim Somers



Angelia Armstrong

Camille Benjamin

Megan Brogden

Patricia Disantis

Jenn Ecker

Kara Greenblott

R. Nemo Hill

Nancy Jemio

Basia Kaminski

Ron King

Janice Kissinger

Margaret Lent

Jan Lichtenstein

Kathy Litchfield

Iona Loyola

Vilma Mare

Jolanta Michalska

Dena Moses

Rebecca Noble-Morales

Lora Oracheva

Kate O'Rourke

Marie Pace

Gina Pannorfi

Maryanne Petrus-Gilbert

Agustin Ruiz

Linda Senechal

Mia Tyson

Natalie Wilkinson



Richard Feier

Ken Freeman

Don Hart

Michael Heon

David Hohmann

Andre Maiwald

Jeffrey Nelson

Bruce Perlmutter

Richard Robinson

Jonathan Simons



Bella's Home-Baked Goods

Berkshire Sweet Gold Maple & Marine

Bittersweet Herb Farm

Dutch Desserts


Mostly Myrtle's/ Nanny's Cookies

Oliver Kita Chocolates

Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont

Surprenant's Berry Farm

The Nut Lady, LLC