Fall Crafts at Lyndhurst Marketplace

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Debra Abrams

Michael Alexander

Britt Anderson

Betsy Baker

Harriet Forman Barrett

Jennifer Bauser

Suzanne Bellows

Michele Berman

Lauren Blais

Patty Bolz

Ricky Boscarino

Shauna Blythe Burke

Seth Carlson

Liliana Castillo

Winnie Chai

Adel Chefridi

Beth Farber

Rona Fisher

Michael Fitzgerald

Rosario Garcia

Beth Gilmour

Ori Goldberg

Hilary Greif

Julie Hammet-Cone

Jacques Hemsi

Amy Hudon

Jacqueline Johnson

Russell Jones 

Jennifer Kalled

Stephen LeBlanc

Shawn Lester

Keith Lewis

Wendy Lin

M.A.B. Designs

Robin McLaughlin

David Melnick

Danielle Merzatta

Jeannette Mullarkey

Erin Nelson

Karin Noyes

Stelios Paraskevas

Lauren Passenti

Meghan Riley

Emily Rosenfeld

Sharon Rosenthal

Suzanne Schwartz

Eric Silvia 

Paz Sintes

Martha Sullivan

Martin Taber

Tommy Conch

Elke Van Dyke

Donna Veverka


Jennifer Walker

Sasha Walsh

Agnieszka Winograd

Rina Young

Carolyn Zakarija

Erica Zap


Larry Chapman

Peter Handler

Janet MacCausland

Mark Miller

Ted Tatarzyn