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Rhinebeck Arts Festival - October 2, 3, 4, 2015

The Rhinebeck Arts Festival is located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, during the world-renowned fall foliage season and is a destination event not to miss. National Geographic, Fodor’s and Time Magazine have recently listed the Hudson Valley and Rhinebeck as “Top Places to Visit” in the world. 


Meet a unique mix of 200 emerging and seasoned artists whose extraordinary skill and vision help make this one of the region’s most anticipated yearly events. Enjoy great live music, interactive art experiences, craft demonstrations, family activities, gourmet specialty foods & more.




Friday, October 2 from 10 am to 5 pm

Saturday, October 3 from 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday, October 4 from 10 am to 5 pm

Admission Fees

Regular Admission $10

Seniors (65 and up) $9

Kid 6-16 $4, under 6 free




6550 Spring Brook Ave

Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Free Parking/No Pets

Bring the Whole Family

& Get Hands On!
Join FiberFlame to create your own mixed-media collage! Enjoy tantalizing gourmet foods and beverages, scrumptious concessions, hands-on demonstrations, stilt walkers, balloon animals, storytelling, face painting, and more! 

Jackie Jarit Sobel and her husband Matt

Have a Caricature Made of You
Thorneater Comics will be creating whimsical caricatures all weekend. From horns to hearts, you never know what he will find as part of your likeness.

Live Music Saturday and Sunday!
The Lindsey Webster Band will be playing their energetic mix of R&B and Soul music on Saturday and Sunday. Bring your dancing shoes, we dare you not to dance along with them!

Exhibitor List

Exhibitors By Category



Karin Abromaitis

Linda Boston

Michael Chatterley

Kathryn Davis

Virginia Dorcy

Lacey Goodrich

Hannah Graeper

Takashi Ichihara

Allen Littlefield

Melanie Mckenney

Chris Parris

Lesley Reich

Sally Rothchild

Ede Walker

Laura Wilensky



Ken Anderson

Tom Bazis

Jennifer Born

Eric Erstling

John Finnan

Eric Garrison

Peter Handler

Antonio Loria

Jeffrey Nelson

Debra Sall

Laura Shapiro

Jan Smith



Richard Bond

Michelle Champitto

Antonio Loria

Ronnee Peters

RoseAnna Stokes

Steve White



Debra Abrams

Lauren Blais

Susan Carey

Adel Chefridi

Alexia Cohen

Eileen DelDuca

Carmen Fritsch

Andrea Garr

Hilary Greif

Julie Hammet-Cone

Tom Herman

Jacqueline Johnson

Jennifer Kalled

Liz Landers

Thomas Laraia

Shawn Lester

Wendy Lin

Shandor Madjar

Daphne McDonald

Robin McLaughlin

Danielle Merzatta

Jeannette Mullarkey

Maria Munoz

Lauren Nogrady

Deirdre Oringer

Lauren Passenti

Anita Roelz

Sue Sachs

Sharon Scialli

Lanni Sidoti

Leni Singerman

Mary Thomson

Victoria Varga

David Walton

Heather Wang

E. Douglas Wunder

Rina Young

Carolyn Zakarija

Erica Zap

Kim Zevits

Nina Zotcavage



Connie Bates

Rusty Dorr

Paula Gaynor

Jorge Gil

Randall Herold

Jan Hibbard

Susan Kellogg

Fran Michaels

Nancy Osborne



Leynel Arias

Laura Baring-Gould

Domenico Belli

Bill Finks

Jim Flood

George Gabriel

Peter Handler

Eugene Perry

Ursula Perry-Scheffel

Kest Schwartzman

Krista Tulisano



Barbara Berkowitz

Jennifer Born

Gerry Conti

Kirsten Hausman

Lance Leba

Chong Lim

Pat Littlefield

Mireille Munnelly

Kathryn Nidy

Claudia Pflueger

Melissa Rocklen

Kathleen Scranton



Susan Haldeman

Christina Meyers

Dinh Nguyen

Anna Upston

Marilyn Webster



Kelly Beekman

Beth Kaylor Brunner

Ruth Cargill

Kerry Donohue

Robert L Ferrucci

Stacie Flint

Alicia Herrmann

Craig Lohsen

John Maiorino

Matthew Maley

Bette Anne Wygant



Larry Chapman

David Henningsen

Richard Hilgendorff

CJ Clyde Hockett

David Hohmann

David Mangels

Gregory Martin

David Micelotta

Jon Olsen

Emily Stauring

Ted Tatarzyn



Marcia Aasmundstad

Carole Amper

Sandra Baquero

Debbie Crichton

Nicole Deponte

Geraldo De-Souza

Patricia Disantis

Nicole Gordon

Pamela Hirth

Antoinette Indge

Wally Iwanciw

Diane Kenny

Heather Kidson

Melinda LaBarge

Jessica Lai

Ira Lances

Amy Leiner

Margaret Lent

Kathy Litchfield

Karen McLaughlin

Debra Miller-D'Errico

Dena Moses

Marie Pace

Lynn Pullman

Heather Reid

Ossi Rioux

Loraine Ross

Agustin Ruiz

Linda Senechal

Cindy Soboti

Sue Stone

Elizabeth Swanson

Kim Vanyo

Cindy Walsh

Natalie Wilkinson

Ping Wu



Ken Anderson

David Barclay

Tom Bazis

Shawn Claypoole

Mark Dunaye

Eric Erstling

John Finnan

Eric Garrison

Trisa Haisma

Don Hart

David Hohmann

Sande Jaffe

Ron Lee

Jeffrey Nelson

William Peirce

Richard Robinson

Vincent Russello

Debra Sall

Laura Shapiro

Jonathan Simons



Awesome Specialties of Little Tikes

Bella's Home-Baked Goods

Bittersweet Herb Farm

Dutch Desserts, Inc

East End Foodies Inc

Frontier Soups

Heitmann's Gourmet Nuts & Specialties

Highland Farms

Hillrock Estate Distillery


Oliver Kita Chocolates


Milly's Organics

Pazdar Winery

Platte Clove Naturals

The Nut Lady



Alphabetical List of Exhibitors



Marcia Aasmundstad - Wearable Fiber

Debra Abrams - Jewelry

Karin Abromaitis - Clay

Carole Amper - Wearable Fiber

Ken Anderson - Wood

Leynel Arias - Metal

Awesome Specialties of Little Tikes – Gourmet Food



David Barclay - Wood

Laura Baring-Gould - Metal

Connie Bates - Leather

Tom Bazis - Wood

Kelly Beekman - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Bella's Home-Baked Goods - Gourmet Food

Domenico Belli - Metal

Barbara Berkowitz - Mixed Media

Bittersweet Herb Farm - Gourmet Food

Lauren Blais - Jewelry

Richard Bond - Glass

Jennifer Born - Mixed Media

Linda Boston - Clay

Beth Kaylor Brunner - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking



Susan Carey - Jewelry

Ruth Cargill - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Michelle Champitto - Glass

Larry Chapman - Photography

Michael Chatterley - Clay

Adel Chefridi - Jewelry

Alexia Cohen - Jewelry

Gerry Conti - Mixed Media

Debbie Crichton - Wearable Fiber



Kathryn Davis - Clay

Geraldo De-Souza - Wearable Fiber

Eileen DelDuca - Jewelry

Nicole Deponte - Wearable Fiber

Patricia Disantis - Wearable Fiber

Kerry Donohue - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Virginia Dorcy - Clay

Rusty Dorr - Leather

Mark Dunaye - Wood

Dutch Desserts, Inc - Gourmet Food



East End Foodies Inc - Gourmet Food



Robert L Ferrucci - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Bill Finks - Metal

John Finnan - Wood

Stacie Flint - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Jim Flood - Metal

Carmen Fritsch - Jewelry

Frontier Soups - Gourmet Food



George Gabriel - Metal

Andrea Garr - Jewelry

Eric Garrison - Wood

Paula Gaynor - Leather

Jorge Gil - Leather

Lacey Goodrich - Clay

Nicole Gordon - Wearable Fiber

Hannah Graeper - Clay

Hilary Greif - Jewelry



Trisa Haisma - Wood

Susan Haldeman - Non-Wearable Fiber

Julie Hammet-Cone - Jewelry

Peter Handler - Metal

Don Hart - Wood

Kirsten Hausman - Mixed Media

Heitmann's Gourmet Nuts & Specialties - Gourmet Food

David Henningsen - Photography

Tom Herman - Jewelry

Alicia Herrmann - Painting

Randall Herold - Leather

Jan Hibbard - Leather

Highland Farms - Gourmet Food

Richard Hilgendorff - Photography

Hillrock Estate Distillery – Gourmet Beverage

Pamela Hirth - Wearable Fiber

CJ Clyde Hockett - Photography

David Hohmann - Wood



Takashi Ichihara - Clay

ImmuneSchein - Gourmet Beverage

Antoinette Indge - Wearable Fiber

Wally Iwanciw - Wearable Fiber



Sande Jaffe - Wood

Jacqueline Johnson - Jewelry



Jennifer Kalled - Jewelry

Susan Kellogg - Leather

Diane Kenny - Wearable Fiber

Heather Kidson - Wearable Fiber

Oliver Kita Chocolates - Gourmet Food



Melinda LaBarge - Wearable Fiber

Jessica Lai - Wearable Fiber

Ira Lances - Wearable Fiber

Liz Landers - Jewelry

Thomas Laraia - Jewelry

Lance Leba - Mixed Media

Ron Lee - Wood

Amy Leiner - Wearable Fiber

Margaret Lent - Wearable Fiber

Shawn Lester - Jewelry

Chong Lim - Mixed Media

Wendy Lin - Jewelry

Kathy Litchfield - Wearable Fiber

Allen Littlefield - Clay

Pat Littlefield - Mixed Media

Craig Lohsen - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Antonio Loria - Glass



Shandor Madjar - Jewelry

John Maiorino - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

Matthew Maley - Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

David Mangels - Photography

Gregory Martin - Photography

Daphne McDonald - Jewelry

Melanie Mckenney - Clay

Karen McLaughlin - Wearable Fiber

Robin McLaughlin - Jewelry

Merriweather's – Soaps & Lotions

Danielle Merzatta - Jewelry

Christina Meyers - Non-Wearable Fiber

David Micelotta - Photography

Fran Michaels - Leather

Debra Miller-D'Errico - Wearable Fiber

Milly's Organics - Gourmet Food

Dena Moses - Wearable Fiber

Jeannette Mullarkey - Jewelry

Mireille Munnelly - Mixed Media

Maria Munoz - Jewelry



Jeffrey Nelson - Wood

Dinh Nguyen - Non-Wearable Fiber

Kathryn Nidy - Mixed Media

Sandra Nieto - Wearable Fiber

Lauren Nogrady - Jewelry



Jon Olsen - Photography

Deirdre Oringer - Jewelry

Nancy Osborne - Leather



Marie Pace - Wearable Fiber

Chris Parris - Clay

Lauren Passenti - Jewelry

Pazdar Winery - Gourmet Beverage

William Peirce - Wood

Eugene Perry - Metal

Ursula Perry-Scheffel

Ronnee Peters - Glass

Claudia Pflueger - Mixed Media

Platte Clove Naturals - Gourmet Food

Lynn Pullman - Wearable Fiber



Lesley Reich - Clay

Heather Reid - Wearable Fiber

Ossi Rioux - Wearable Fiber

Richard Robinson - Wood

Melissa Rocklen - Mixed Media

Anita Roelz - Jewelry

Loraine Ross - Wearable Fiber

Sally Rothchild - Clay

Agustin Ruiz - Wearable Fiber

Vincent Russello - Wood



Sue Sachs - Jewelry

Debra Sall - Wood

Kest Schwartzman - Metal

Sharon Scialli - Jewelry

Kathleen Scranton - Mixed Media

Linda Senechal - Wearable Fiber

Laura Shapiro - Wood/Furniture

Lanni Sidoti - Jewelry

Jonathan Simons - Wood

Leni Singerman - Jewelry

Cindy Soboti - Wearable Fiber

Emily Stauring - Photography

RoseAnna Stokes - Glass

Sue Stone - Wearable Fiber

Elizabeth Swanson - Wearable Fiber



Ted Tatarzyn - Photography

The Nut Lady - Gourmet Food

Mary Thomson - Jewelry

Krista Tulisano - Metal



Anna Upston - Non-Wearable Fiber



Kim Vanyo - Wearable Fiber

Victoria Varga - Jewelry



Ede Walker - Clay

Cindy Walsh - Wearable Fiber

David Walton - Jewelry

Heather Wang - Jewelry

Marilyn Webster - Non-Wearable Fiber

Steve White - Glass

Laura Wilensky - Clay

Natalie Wilkinson - Wearable Fiber

Ping Wu - Wearable Fiber

E. Douglas Wunder - Jewelry

Bette Anne Wygant - Painting



Rina Young - Jewelry



Carolyn Zakarija - Jewelry

Erica Zap - Jewelry

Kim Zevits - Jewelry

Nina Zotcavage - Jewelry



Our Fabulous Partners