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Rhinebeck Arts Festival - June 25 & 26, 2016

The Rhinebeck Arts Festival, now in June, is located in the heart of the Hudson Valley and is a destination event not to miss. National Geographic, Fodor’s and Time Magazine have recently listed the Hudson Valley and Rhinebeck as “Top Places to Visit” in the world. 


Meet a unique mix of 200 emerging and seasoned artists whose extraordinary skill and vision help make this one of the region’s most anticipated yearly events. Enjoy great live music, interactive art experiences, craft demonstrations, family activities, gourmet specialty foods & more.




Saturday, June 25 from 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday, June 26 from 10 am to 5 pm

Admission Fees

Regular Admission $10

Seniors (65 and up) $9

Kid 6-16 $4, under 6 free




6550 Spring Brook Ave

Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Free Parking/No Pets

Bring the Whole Family

& Get Hands On!
Enjoy tantalizing gourmet foods and beverages, scrumptious concessions, hands-on demonstrations, an interactive musical experience, stilt walkers, balloon animals, storytelling, face painting, and more! 

Jackie Jarit Sobel and her husband Matt

Have a Caricature Made of You
Thorneater Comics will be creating whimsical caricatures all weekend. From horns to hearts, you never know what he will find as part of your likeness.

Live Music Saturday and Sunday!
The Lindsey Webster Band will be playing their energetic mix of R&B and Soul music on Saturday and Sunday. Bring your dancing shoes, we dare you not to dance along with them!

Exhibitor List

Alphabetical List of Exhibitors



Debra Abrams - Jewelry

Michael Alexander - Jewelry

Mary Angus - Glass

Awesome Specialties of Little Tikes - Specialty Food



Alexis Barbeau - Jewelry

Lucy Barna - Jewelry

Harriet Forman Barrett - Jewelry

Jane Bartlett - Wearable Fiber

John Baun - Wood

Bella's Home-Baked Goods - Specialty Food

Domenico Belli - Metal

Suzanne Bellows - Jewelry/Non-Wearable Fiber

Larry Benjamin - Wood

Barbara Berkowitz - Mixed Media

Jane Berling - Jewelry

Michele Berman - Jewelry

Jon Black - Jewelry

Lauren Blais - Jewelry

Daniela Boari - Jewelry

Jennifer Born - Mixed Media/Furniture

Kimberly Boucher - Photography

Pat Brazill - Jewelry

Laura Bundesen - Mixed Media



Susan Carey - Jewelry

Richard Carson - Wood

Liliana Castillo - Jewelry

Patricia Cavalieri - Glass

Larry Chapman - Photography

Michael Chatterley - Clay

Adel Chefridi - Jewelry

Niko Culevski - Non-Wearable Fiber



Ruth Davis - Wearable Fiber

John DeAmicis - Drawing

Cara DesJardins - Leather

Geraldo De-Souza - Wearable Fiber

Patricia Disantis - Wearable Fiber

Rusty Dorr - Leather
Dorset Maple Reserve - Specialty Food

Jim Dratfield - Photography

Dutch Desserts, Inc - Specialty Food



East End Foodies - Specialty Food

Jenn Ecker - Wearable Fiber

Judith Ann Eldridge - Drawing/Printmaking

Joan Ensminger - Glass

Eric Erstling - Wood



Stephen Fabrico - Clay

Robert L Ferrucci - Painting

Bill Finks - Mixed Media

Amalia Flaisher - Glass

Lynn Fliegel - Wearable Fiber

Jim Flood - Metal

Crista Forrest - Painting

Amalia FourHawks - Clay



George Gabriel - Metal

Andrea Garr - Jewelry

Paula Gaynor - Leather

Mary Ann Geis - Clay

Anakarina Gende - Jewelry

Jorge Gil - Leather

Arza Gilad - Leather

Lara Ginzburg - Jewelry

Anastassia Gonye - Wearable Fiber

Will Grant - Mixed Media

William Greenwood - Jewelry

Debbi Grogan - Wearable Fiber

Chrissanth Gross - Drawing/Painting

Joseph Guida - Wood

Lizzie Gulick - Non-Wearable Fiber

Cate Gundlah - Glass



Richard Haining - Wood

Milton Harrison - Mixed Media

Don Hart - Wood

Mimi Hay - Wearable Fiber

Heitmann's Gourmet Nuts & Specialties - Specialty Food

Marcia Hendrick - Wearable Fiber

Meaghan Hennelly - Jewelry

Michael Heon - Wood

Randall Herold - Leather

Hilary Hertzler - Jewelry

Highland Farms - Specialty Food

Richard Hilgendorff - Photography

R. Nemo Hill - Wearable Fiber

Hillrock Estate Distillery - Specialty Beverage

CJ Clyde Hockett - Photography

Barry Hollritt - Photography

Bruce Holmberg - Metal



Takashi Ichihara - Clay

ImmuneSchein - Specialty Beverage

Doug Irwin - Painting



Sandra Jaffe - Wood

W. John Jameson III - Wearable Fiber

JD Gourmet - Specialty Food

Kathy Jeffers - Clay

Russell Jones - Jewelry



Roger Kaye - Glass

Laura E. Kellar - Clay

Brad Kelly - Photography

Barbara Kurland - Wood

Carole Kyle - Wearable Fiber



Gigi Laberge - Glass

Lakonia Greek Products - Specialty Food

Chong Lim - Mixed Media

Wendy Lin - Jewelry

Craig Lohsen - Painting

Dawn Lombard - Jewelry

Antonio Loria - Glass/Furniture

Tyler Lucas - Wood



Mamoucha Soaps - Soaps

Lynne Manning - Mixed Media

Loren Maron - Clay

Kathleen Masterson - Jewelry

Maya's Jams - Specialty Food

Barbara McLaughlin - Jewelry

Robin McLaughlin - Jewelry

Merriweather's - Soaps & Lotions

Danielle Merzatta - Jewelry

Fran Michaels - Leather

Ryan Miller - Wood

Debra Miller-D'Errico - Wearable Fiber

Mary-Lynne Moffatt - Mixed Media

Martin Moon - Metal

Rachel Morris - Jewelry

Jeannette Mullarkey - Jewelry

Mireille Munnelly - Mixed Media



Nectar of the Vine - Specialty Beverage

Jeffrey Nelson - Wood

Wendy Nield - Non-Wearable Fiber

Lauren Nogrady - Jewelry

Richard Nolan - Wood



Chris Oaks - Wood

Stephanie O'Brien - Jewelry

Lora Oracheva - Wearable Fiber

Mary O'Shea - Wearable Fiber



Barbara Packer - Jewelry

Stelios Paraskevas - Jewelry

John Pattenden - Mixed Media

Pazdar Winery - Specialty Beverage

Nachshon Peleg - Metal

Matt Pelrine - Wood

John Peralta - Mixed Media

Bruce Perlmutter - Wood

Ronnee Peters - Glass

Claudia Pflueger - Mixed Media

Susan Pillay - Wearable Fiber

Karin Pohl - Jewelry

Abbey Pope - Wearable Fiber

Ernest Porcelli - Glass

Judi Powers - Jewelry

Lynne Puhalla - Clay/Basketry



Adriana Rangel - Wearable Fiber

Lesley Reich - Clay

Richard Robinson - Wood

Susan Roston - Glass

Sally Rothchild - Clay

Raymond Ruggeri - Mixed Media

Gabor Ruzsan - Wood/Leather/Furniture



Maria Sakran - Wearable Fiber

Soumana Saley - Leather

Debra Sall - Wood

Sondra Sardis - Wearable Fiber

Ursula Scheffel - Metal

John Schlotter - Wearable Fiber

Hank Schneider - Wood

Kest Schwartzman - Metal

Elizabeth Shaw - Wearable Fiber

Yanina Siani - Jewelry

Joy Stember - Metal

Janice Stewart-Hibbard - Leather

RoseAnna Stokes - Glass

Anna-Maria Stromberg - Photography

Lorrie Sullivan - Wood



Martin Taber - Jewelry

Susan Tarlov - Wearable Fiber

Taste Artisanal Market - Specialty Food

Manya Tessler - Jewelry

To The Queen's Taste - Specialty Food



Jill Uma - Wood

Bill Underwood - Wood



Erin Von Holdt-Gilbert - Non-Wearable Fiber

Roumen Vragov - Jewelry



Ede Walker - Clay

Cindy Walsh - Wearable Fiber

Sasha Walsh - Jewelry

David Walton - Jewelry

Geoffrey Warner - Wood

Susan Wechsler - Clay

Raisa West - Wearable Fiber

Steve White - Glass

Laura Wilensky - Clay



Lynn Yarrington - Wearable Fiber



Nina Zotcavage - Jewelry


Exhibitor List by Category



Michael Chatterley

Stephen Fabrico

Amalia FourHawks

Mary Ann Geis

Takashi Ichihara

Kathy Jeffers

Laura E. Kellar

Loren Maron

Lynne Puhalla

Lesley Reich

Sally Rothchild

Ede Walker

Susan Wechsler

Laura Wilensky



Larry Benjamin

Jennifer Born

Richard Carson

Eric Erstling

Anakarina Gende

Joseph Guida

Richard Haining

Antonio Loria

Ryan Miller

Jeffrey Nelson

Chris Oaks

Matt Pelrine

Gabor Ruzsan

Debra Sall

Geoffrey Warner



Mary Angus

Patricia Cavalieri

Joan Ensminger

Amalia Flaisher

Cate Gundlah

Roger Kaye

Gigi Laberge

Antonio Loria

Ronnee Peters

Ernest Porcelli

Susan Roston

RoseAnna Stokes

Steve White



Debra Abrams

Michael Alexander

Alexis Barbeau

Lucy Barna

Harriet Forman Barrett

Suzanne Bellows

Jane Berling

Michele Berman

Jon Black

Lauren Blais

Daniela Boari

Pat Brazill

Susan Carey

Liliana Castillo

Adel Chefridi

Andrea Garr

Anakarina Gende

Lara Ginzburg

William Greenwood

Meaghan Hennelly

Hilary Hertzler

Russell Jones

Wendy Lin

Dawn Lombard

Kathleen Masterson

Barbara McLaughlin

Robin McLaughlin

Danielle Merzatta

Rachel Morris

Jeannette Mullarkey

Lauren Nogrady

Stephanie O'Brien

Barbara Packer

Stelios Paraskevas

Karin Pohl

Judi Powers

Yanina Siani

Martin Taber

Manya Tessler

Roumen Vragov

Sasha Walsh

David Walton

Nina Zotcavage



Cara DesJardins

Rusty Dorr

Paula Gaynor

Jorge Gil

Arza Gilad

Randall Herold

Fran Michaels

Gabor Ruzsan

Soumana Saley

Janice Stewart-Hibbard



Domenico Belli

Jim Flood

George Gabriel

Bruce Holmberg

Martin Moon

Nachshon Peleg

Ursula Scheffel

Kest Schwartzman

Joy Stember



Barbara Berkowitz

Jennifer Born

Laura Bundesen

Bill Finks

Will Grant

Milton Harrison

Chong Lim

Lynne Manning

Mary-Lynne Moffatt

Mireille Munnelly

John Pattenden

John Peralta

Claudia Pflueger

Raymond Ruggeri



Suzanne Bellows

Niko Culevski

Lizzie Gulick

Wendy Nield

Lynne Puhalla

Erin Von Holdt-Gilbert



John DeAmicis

Judith Ann Eldridge

Robert L Ferrucci

Crista Forrest

Chrissanth Gross

Doug Irwin

Craig Lohsen



Kimberly Boucher

Larry Chapman

Jim Dratfield

Richard Hilgendorff

CJ Clyde Hockett

Barry Hollritt

Brad Kelly

Anna-Maria Stromberg



Jane Bartlett

Ruth Davis

Geraldo De-Souza

Patricia Disantis

Jenn Ecker

Lynn Fliegel

Anastassia Gonye

Debbi Grogan

Mimi Hay

Marcia Hendrick

R. Nemo Hill

W. John Jameson III

Carole Kyle

Debra Miller-D'Errico

Lora Oracheva

Mary O'Shea
Susan Pillay

Abbey Pope

Adriana Rangel

Maria Sakran

Sondra Sardis

John Schlotter

Elizabeth Shaw

Susan Tarlov

Cindy Walsh

Raisa West

Lynn Yarrington



John Baun

Larry Benjamin

Richard Carson

Eric Erstling

Joseph Guida

Richard Haining

Don Hart

Michael Heon

Sandra Jaffe

Barbara Kurland

Tyler Lucas

Ryan Miller

Jeffrey Nelson

Richard Nolan

Chris Oaks

Matt Pelrine

Bruce Perlmutter

Richard Robinson

Gabor Ruzsan

Debra Sall

Hank Schneider

Lorrie Sullivan

Jill Uma

Bill Underwood



Awesome Specialties of Little Tikes

Bella's Home-Baked Goods

Dorset Maple Reserve

Dutch Desserts, Inc

East End Foodies

Heitmann's Gourmet Nuts & Specialties

Highland Farms

Hillrock Estate Distillery


JD Gourmet

Lakonia Greek Products

Mamoucha Soaps

Maya's Jams


Nectar of the Vine

Pazdar Winery

Taste Artisanal Market

To The Queen's Taste



Our Fabulous Partners