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Spring Crafts at Lyndhurst - April 29, 30, May 1, 2016

For 31 years, Spring Crafts at Lyndhurst has been one of America’s leading craft events.

Each year, 300 artists fill the grounds of the Neo-Gothic Lyndhurst estate, offering one-of-a-kind gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation and weddings during the stunning spring blossom season.


It’s a great day for the entire family at one of America’s most beautiful landmarks. Enjoy exciting activities such as tours of the Lyndhurst mansion, live music, kid's activities, gourmet foods and craft demonstrations.


Friday, April 29 from 10 am to 5 pm

Saturday, April 30 from 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday, May 1 from 10 am to 5 pm

Admission Fees cash or check only

Regular Admission $12

Seniors (62 and up) $11

Kid 6-16 $4, under 6 free




635 South Broadway

Tarrytown, NY 10591

Free Parking/No Pets

      Bring the Whole Family!
Tantalizing gourmet foods and beverages, scrumptuous concessions, hands-on demonstrations, stilk walkers, balloon animals, storytelling, face painting, discounted mansion tours and more! 

           Play a New Instrument!
Todd Crowley brings his unique musical experience to awaken the musician in all of us with his "Musical Petting Zoo". Interact with dozens of instruments from A (accordian) to Z (zither).

Live Music Saturday and Sunday!
The Lindsey Webster Band will be playing their energetic mix of R&B and Soul music on Saturday and Sunday. Bring your dancing shoes, we dare you not to dance along with them!

Exhibitor Lists


Alphabetical List of Exhibitors



Aba's Falafel - Concession

Debra Abrams - Jewelry

Michael Alexander - Jewelry

Tanya Alsberg - Wearable Fiber

Karen Ambellan - Jewelry

Britt Anderson - Jewelry

Mary Angus - Glass

Jodie Aragona - Jewelry

Deborah Armstrong - Jewelry

Jennifer Armstrong - Wearable Fiber

Marjolaine Arsenault - Wearable Fiber

Awesome Specialties of Little Tikes - Gourmet Specialties



David Barclay - Wood

Billie Barthelemy - Wearable Fiber

Barbara Bass - Wearable Fiber

Connie Bates - Leather

Bella's Home-Baked Goods - Gourmet Specialties

Christopher Belleau - Glass

Domenico Belli - Metal

Marijke Benedict - Wearable Fiber

Larry Benjamin - Wood/Furniture

Barbara Berkowitz - Mixed Media

Ricky Bernstein - Jewelry

Bittersweet Herb Farm - Gourmet Specialties

Lauren Blais - Jewelry

Deborah Bohren - Photography

Richard Bond - Glass

Sandra Bonazoli - Metal

Whitmore Boogaerts - Metal

Eric Bradford - Clay

Fred Brandes - Wood/Furniture

Megan Brogden - Wearable Fiber

Agi Brooks - Leather

Caitlin Burch - Jewelry



Captain Lawrence Brewing Co - Beer

Susan Carey - Jewelry

Liz Carlis - Mixed Media

Nancy Reid Carr - Photography

Richard Carson - Wood/Furniture

Caitlin Carvalho - Wearable Fiber

Patricia Cavalieri - Glass

Abbie Chambers - Wearable Fiber

Michelle Champitto - Glass

Larry Chapman - Photography

Adel Chefridi - Jewelry

Dwo Wen Chen - Clay

Michael Chen - Photography

Cindy Ciarcia - Wearable Fiber

Lisa Cimino - Jewelry

Shawn Claypoole - Wood

William Cochran - Non-Wearable Fiber

Gabriel Cole - Glass

Marianne Connors - Wearable Fiber

Gerry Conti - Mixed Media

Mary Coover - Clay

Maura Cronin - Wearable Fiber

Teresa Crowninshield - Wearable Fiber

Kathleen Curtin - Jewelry



Jaclyn Davidson - Jewelry

Ruth Davis - Wearable Fiber

Mariella De Leeuw - Wearable Fiber

Libby Denenberg - Mixed Media

Nicole Deponte - Wearable Fiber

Geraldo De-Souza - Wearable Fiber

John Deveer - Wood/Furniture

Patricia Disantis - Wearable Fiber

Leo P. Donahue - Printmaking

Charles Donofrio - Leather

Rusty Dorr - Leather

Dorset Maple Reserve - Gourmet Specialties

Jim Dowd - Metal

Jim Dratfield - Photography

Jessie Driscoll - Jewelry

Marla Duran - Wearable Fiber

John Duryea - Wood

Dutch Desserts, Inc - Gourmet Specialties



Jenn Ecker - Wearable Fiber

Jill Elizabeth - Jewelry

Emily Ennulat-Lustine - Printmaking/Painting

Rick Epstein - Clay

Russ Erickson - Mixed Media

Lioubov Ermolova - Wearable Fiber

Eric Erstling - Wood/Furniture

Everything About Crepes - Concession



Lauren Falkowski - Leather

Richard Feier - Wood

Robert L Ferrucci - Painting

Raymond Finan - Wood/Furniture

Bill Finks - Mixed Media

Rona Fisher - Jewelry

Michael Fitzgerald - Jewelry

Marsha Fleisher - Wearable Fiber

Jim Flood - Metal

Crista Forrest - Painting

Sandra Forrest - Mixed Media

Amalia FourHawks - Clay

Hetty Friedman - Wearable Fiber

Paul Friedman - Wearable Fiber

Raul Frisneda - Jewelry



George Gabriel - Metal

Olivia Garau - Mixed Media

Andrea Garr - Jewelry

Paula Gaynor - Leather

Anakarina Gende - Jewelry

John Gilmore - Clay

Lara Ginzburg - Jewelry

Daniel Gomes - Wood/Furniture

Anastassia Gonye - Wearable Fiber

Will Grant - Mixed Media

Greek Isle/Kalanis Crab Cakes - Concession

Hilary Greif - Jewelry

Janice Grzyb - Jewelry

Grace Gunning - Mixed Media



David Hallmark - Wood/Furniture

Julie Hammet-Cone - Jewelry

Don Hart - Wood

Mimi Hay - Wearable Fiber

Jacques Hemsi - Jewelry

Michael Heon - Wood

Randall Herold - Leather

Herold's Original Kettle Korn - Gourmet Specialties

Hilary Hertzler - Jewelry

Peyton Higgison - Painting

Highland Farms - Gourmet Specialties

Chris Hildenbrant - Metal

Richard Hilgendorff - Photography

R. Nemo Hill - Wearable Fiber

Hillrock Estate Distillery - Gourmet Specialties

Leni Hoch - Wearable Fiber

Jessica Hollander - Mixed Media

Barry Hollritt - Photography

Bruce Holmberg - Metal



ImmuneSchein - Gourmet Specialties

Hanan Ingel - Jewelry



Lorraine Jackson - Wearable Fiber

Jamie's Organic Candles - Candles

JD Gourmet - Gourmet Specialties

Bronia Jenson - Non-Wearable Fiber

Jacqueline Johnson - Jewelry

Peter Jones - Clay

Jungwhon Joo - Jewelry



Jennifer Kalled - Jewelry

Dahlia Kanner - Jewelry

Sandra Kaye - Glass

Susan Kellogg - Leather

Celeste Kelly - Mixed Media

Heather Kidson - Wearable Fiber

Tai Kim - Jewelry

 Kissed by the Sun Spice Company - Gourmet Specialties

Oliver Kita Chocolates - Gourmet Specialties

Christy Knox - Clay

Steven Kolodny - Jewelry

Lisa Kovatch - Clay

Diana Koziupa - Glass

Carole Kyle - Wearable Fiber



Blair LaBella - Jewelry

Gigi Laberge - Glass

Sean Lambkin - Wood/Furniture

Ira Lances - Wearable Fiber

Thomas Laraia - Jewelry

Stephen LeBlanc - Jewelry

Gerardo Leccese - Mixed Media

Jon Lee - Jewelry

Tracy Levesque - Painting

David & Carolyn Levy - Wood/Furniture

Keith Lewis - Jewelry

Jan Lichtenstein - Wearable Fiber

Wendy Lin - Jewelry

Smadar Livne - Painting

Tracy Lizotte - Printmaking

Craig Lohsen - Painting

Iona Loyola - Wearable Fiber

Tyler Lucas - Wood



Lynne Manning - Mixed Media

Loren Maron - Clay

Scott Martin - Clay

Scott Matyjaszek - Photography

 Maya's Jams - Gourmet Specialties

William McCarthy - Painting

Justin Mckenney - Clay

Jesse Mechling - Photography

David Melnick - Jewelry

Merriweather's - Soaps & Lotions

Richard Messina - Jewelry

Fran Michaels - Leather

Jolanta Michalska - Wearable Fiber

Lisa Micheels - Wearable Fiber

Ryan Miller - Wood/Furniture

Debra Miller-D'Errico - Wearable Fiber

Andrew Mintz - Mixed Media

Seymour Mondshein - Leather

David Morrison - Wood

 Mostly Myrtle's/ Nanny's Cookies - Gourmet Specialties

Jeannette Mullarkey - Jewelry

Rebecca Myers - Jewelry



Jeffrey Nelson - Wood/Furniture

Dinh Nguyen - Non-Wearable Fiber

Lauren Nogrady - Jewelry

Karin Noyes - Jewelry



Chris Oaks - Wood

Susan Obrant - Wearable Fiber

Laurie Olefson - Mixed Media

Rahmon Olugunna - Painting

Saud Omran - Wood

Lora Oracheva - Wearable Fiber

Enid O'Rourke - Wearable Fiber



Marie Pace - Wearable Fiber

Stelios Paraskevas - Jewelry

Lauren Passenti - Jewelry

John Pattenden - Mixed Media

Vadim Pavliouk - Glass

Pazdar Winery - Gourmet Specialties

Nachshon Peleg - Metal

Matt Pelrine - Wood/Furniture

Penny Lick Ice Cream - Concession

John Peralta - Mixed Media

Julio Perea - Wearable Fiber

Eugene Perry - Metal

James Perry - Leather

Ronnee Peters - Glass

Peter Petrochko - Wood

Claudia Pflueger - Mixed Media

Soli Pierce - Wood

Pika's Farm Table - Gourmet Specialties

Katherine Pilipauskas - Non-Wearable Fiber

Susan Pillay - Wearable Fiber

Platte Clove Naturals - Gourmet Specialties

Joan Pollak - Wood

Lauren Pollaro - Jewelry

Jenny Pope - Printmaking

Dahlia Popovits - Wearable Fiber



Adriana Rangel - Wearable Fiber

Don Rea - Metal

Daniel Read - Glass

Really Good Fruit Spreads - Gourmet Specialties

Lesley Reich - Clay

Heather Reid - Wearable Fiber

Alan Resnick - Wearable Fiber

Meghan Riley - Jewelry

Ossi Rioux - Wearable Fiber

Reiko Rizzuto - Clay

Heidi Robak - Mixed Media

Emily Rosenfeld - Jewelry

Sharon Rosenthal - Jewelry

Shekina Rudoy - Wearable Fiber

Agustin Ruiz - Wearable Fiber

Gabor Ruzsan - Wood/Furniture/Leather



S&S Concessions - Concession

Soumana Saley - Leather

Joan Sample - Jewelry

Sondra Sardis - Wearable Fiber

Ursula Scheffel - Metal

John Schlotter - Wearable Fiber

Suzanne Schwartz - Jewelry

Linda Senechal - Wearable Fiber

Carole Shiber - Non-Wearable Fiber

Lanni Sidoti - Jewelry

Jonathan Simons - Wood

Paz Sintes - Jewelry

Skinny Buddha - Concession

Bill Snyder - Photography

Evelyn Snyder - Clay

Josh Solomon - Glass

Victor Spinelli - Photography

Bob Stern - Mixed Media

Heather Stief - Jewelry

Samanta Stone - Wearable Fiber

Gregory Strange - Wood

Lisa Strauss - Leather

Martha Sullivan - Jewelry

Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont - Gourmet Specialties

Nora Swan - Wearable Fiber



Martin Taber - Jewelry

James Takaki - Metal

Taste Artisanal Market - Gourmet Specialties

Ted Tatarzyn - Photography

Manya Tessler - Jewelry

The Nut Lady - Gourmet Specialties

The Olive Oil Factory - Gourmet Specialties

Dave Thompson - Metal

Mary Thomson - Jewelry

To The Queen's Taste - Gourmet Specialties

Brian Toohey - Leather

Twins BBQ Co - Concession



Udder Ideas Fudge - Gourmet Specialties

Anna Upston - Non-Wearable Fiber



Victoria Varga - Jewelry

Luisa Velasquez - Painting

Ashley Vick - Jewelry

Roumen Vragov - Jewelry



Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery - Gourmet Specialties

Arny Weinstein - Wood

Raisa West - Wearable Fiber

Steve White - Glass

Adrienne Wiegmann - Jewelry

Ronald Wilson - Photography

Alan Winick - Mixed Media

Agnieszka Winograd - Jewelry

Margaret Wozniak - Clay



Verne Jidong Yan - Non-Wearable Fiber

Vanessa Yanow - Jewelry

Rina Young - Jewelry

Tricia Young - Jewelry

Zu Sheng Yu - Painting

Ming Yuen-Schat - Clay



Zali Kahlil Zalkind - Mixed Media

Erica Zap - Jewelry

Simon Zeng - Painting

Nina Zeve - Wearable Fiber

NinaZotcavage - Jewelry



Exhibitor List by Category



Eric Bradford

Dwo Wen Chen

Mary Coover

Rick Epstein

Amalia FourHawks

John Gilmore

Peter Jones

Christy Knox

Lisa Kovatch

Loren Maron

Scott Martin

Justin Mckenney

Lesley Reich

Reiko Rizzuto

Evelyn Snyder

Margaret Wozniak

Ming Yuen-Schat



Larry Benjamin

Fred Brandes

Richard Carson

John Deveer

Eric Erstling

Raymond Finan

Daniel Gomes

David Hallmark

Sean Lambkin

David & Carolyn Levy

Ryan Miller

Jeffrey Nelson

Matt Pelrine

Gabor Ruzsan



Mary Angus

Christopher Belleau

Richard Bond

Patricia Cavalieri

Michelle Champitto

Gabriel Cole

Sandra Kaye

Diana Koziupa

Gigi Laberge

Vadim Pavliouk

Ronnee Peters

Daniel Read

Josh Solomon

Steve White



Debra Abrams

Michael Alexander

Karen Ambellan

Britt Anderson

Jodie Aragona

Deborah Armstrong

Ricky Bernstein

Lauren Blais

Caitlin Burch

Susan Carey

Adel Chefridi

Lisa Cimino

Kathleen Curtin

Jaclyn Davidson

Jessie Driscoll

Jill Elizabeth

Rona Fisher

Michael Fitzgerald

Raul Frisneda

Andrea Garr

Anakarina Gende

Lara Ginzburg

Hilary Greif

Janice Grzyb

Julie Hammet-Cone

Jacques Hemsi

Hilary Hertzler

Hanan Ingel

Jacqueline Johnson

Jungwhon Joo

Jennifer Kalled

Dahlia Kanner

Tai Kim

Steven Kolodny

Blair LaBella

Thomas Laraia

Stephen LeBlanc

Jon Lee

Keith Lewis

Wendy Lin

David Melnick

Richard Messina

Jeannette Mullarkey

Rebecca Myers

Lauren Nogrady

Karin Noyes

Stelios Paraskevas

Lauren Passenti

Lauren Pollaro

Meghan Riley

Emily Rosenfeld

Sharon Rosenthal

Joan Sample

Suzanne Schwartz

Lanni Sidoti

Paz Sintes

Heather Stief

Martha Sullivan

Martin Taber

Manya Tessler

Mary Thomson

Victoria Varga

Ashley Vick

Roumen Vragov

Adrienne Wiegmann

Agnieszka Winograd

Vanessa Yanow

Rina Young

Tricia Young

Erica Zap

Nina Zotcavage



Connie Bates

Agi Brooks

Charles Donofrio

Rusty Dorr

Lauren Falkowski

Paula Gaynor

Randall Herold

Susan Kellogg

Fran Michaels

Seymour Mondshein

James Perry

Gabor Ruzsan

Soumana Saley

Lisa Strauss

Brian Toohey



Domenico Belli

Sandra Bonazoli

Whitmore Boogaerts

Jim Dowd

Jim Flood

George Gabriel

Chris Hildenbrant

Bruce Holmberg

Nachshon Peleg

Eugene Perry

Don Rea

Ursula Scheffel

James Takaki

Dave Thompson



Barbara Berkowitz

Liz Carlis

Gerry Conti

Libby Denenberg

Russ Erickson

Bill Finks

Sandra Forrest

Olivia Garau

Will Grant

Grace Gunning

Celeste Kelly

Gerardo Leccese

Lynne Manning

Andrew Mintz

Laurie Olefson

John Pattenden

John Peralta

Claudia Pflueger

Heidi Robak

Bob Stern

Alan Winick

Zali Kahlil Zalkind



William Cochran

Bronia Jenson

Dinh Nguyen

Katherine Pilipauskas

Carole Shiber

Anna Upston

Verne Jidong Yan



Leo P. Donahue

Emily Ennulat-Lustine

Robert L Ferrucci

Crista Forrest

Peyton Higgison

Jessica Hollander

Tracy Levesque

Smadar Livne

Tracy Lizotte

Craig Lohsen

William McCarthy

Rahmon Olugunna

Jenny Pope

Luisa Velasquez

Zu Sheng Yu

Simon Zeng



Deborah Bohren

Nancy Reid Carr

Larry Chapman

Michael Chen

Jim Dratfield

Richard Hilgendorff

Barry Hollritt

Scott Matyjaszek

Jesse Mechling

Bill Snyder

Victor Spinelli

Ted Tatarzyn

Ronald Wilson



Tanya Alsberg

Jennifer Armstrong

Marjolaine Arsenault

Billie Barthelemy

Barbara Bass

Marijke Benedict

Megan Brogden

Caitlin Carvalho

Abbie Chambers

Cindy Ciarcia

Marianne Connors

Maura Cronin

Teresa Crowninshield

Ruth Davis

Mariella De Leeuw

Nicole Deponte

Geraldo De-Souza

Patricia Disantis

Marla Duran

Jenn Ecker

Lioubov Ermolova

Marsha Fleisher

Hetty Friedman

Paul Friedman

Anastassia Gonye

Mimi Hay

R. Nemo Hill

Leni Hoch

Lorraine Jackson

Heather Kidson

Carole Kyle

Ira Lances

Jan Lichtenstein

Iona Loyola

Jolanta Michalska

Lisa Micheels

Debra Miller-D'Errico

Susan Obrant

Lora Oracheva

Enid O'Rourke

Marie Pace

Julio Perea

Susan Pillay

Dahlia Popovits

Adriana Rangel

Heather Reid

Alan Resnick

Ossi Rioux

Shekina Rudoy

Agustin Ruiz

Sondra Sardis

John Schlotter

Linda Senechal

Samanta Stone

Nora Swan

Raisa West

Nina Zeve



David Barclay

Larry Benjamin

Fred Brandes

Richard Carson

Shawn Claypoole

John Deveer

John Duryea

Eric Erstling

Richard Feier

Raymond Finan

Daniel Gomes

David Hallmark

Don Hart

Michael Heon

Sean Lambkin

David & Carolyn Levy

Tyler Lucas

Ryan Miller

David Morrison

Jeffrey Nelson

Chris Oaks

Saud Omran

Matt Pelrine

Peter Petrochko

Soli Pierce

Joan Pollak

Gabor Ruzsan

Jonathan Simons

Gregory Strange

Arny Weinstein



Awesome Specialties of Little Tikes

Bella's Home-Baked Goods

Bittersweet Herb Farm

Dorset Maple Reserve

Dutch Desserts, Inc

Herold's Original Kettle Korn

Highland Farms

Hillrock Estate Distillery


Jamie's Organic Candles

JD Gourmet

Kissed by the Sun Spice Company

Oliver Kita Chocolates

Maya's Jams


Mostly Myrtle's/ Nanny's Cookies

Pazdar Winery

Pika's Farm Table

Platte Clove Naturals

Really Good Fruit Spreads

Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont

Taste Artisanal Market

The Nut Lady

The Olive Oil Factory

To The Queen's Taste

Udder Ideas Fudge

Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery



Aba's Falafel

Captain Lawrence Brewing Co

Everything About Crepes

Greek Isle/Kalanis Crab Cakes

Penny Lick Ice Cream

S&S Concessions

Skinny Buddha

Twins BBQ Co